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Spring 2019

Creating the NEW EARTH:  On 1-11-19 the 8th and final veil of separation was lifted which separated Humanity from "Prime Creator."  The Master Keys of the 12 Forces of Creation were reset opening a corridor of living light from humanity to the God Head,  allowing humanity's creative use of these Divine Forces without separation.  


Creating the NEW EARTH, using this Divine Gift restored to humanity, will be described and discussed with initiations into the use of this empowering development.  


A 13th Force of Creation was also birthed during this pivotal event which will also be presented and explored. This sacred event was held at Peace Valley Sanctuary, and Susan was blessed to be a member of the anointed and appointed group who were present and fully participated in this exciting unfoldment of Humanity''s New Evolution of Consciousness.

                                                                        Susan Waters, M.A.


                                                                            April 26, 27, 28th

                                                        Starts Friday 4/26 at 1:00 pm - ends Sunday 4/28 with dinner at 5:00 pm

 Tuition: $222 


 Meal Package:  $96 - (7 meals vegan, vegetarian or omnivore)



Two Nights Lodging; shared $122, private $180, private suite $245


                                                           reservations or information


                                                                               call: (870) 356-2667



Susan is a Master Teacher of Ascension and Development of Consciousness.  Trained by Ascended Master Kuthumi, the Archangelic Realm and AA Metatron, she co-created the I AM LIGHT Curriculum using Living Light from Source.  She has been the Director of Peace Valley Sanctuary for 26 years, the home of Helios, the conscious Earthkeeper Crystal that is the primary nodal access for the Consciousness Grid of Humanity.


Short term lodging can be booked with us directly on Airbnb

See our website page Airbnb for lodging reservations.


(Meal service available only for groups of 10 or more by quotation)



Personal Sessions with Susan Waters, M.A. Depth Psychology scheduled

in advance - history of Peace Valley, spiritual counseling, crystal bowl sessions.


Custom Personal Intensives

(including specialty retreats like a silent retreat or one with spiritual support)

These can be scheduled in advance by quotation. Optional number of retreat nights

with choices of secluded lodging, meal service and levels of periodic spiritual support.





Day Use Visitors

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


Self guided tour of the grounds of Peace Valley Sanctuary.  

Call ahead at (870) 356-2667 to schedule a self-guided tour.

Hours 10:00 to 4:00.  Entrance fee by donation. Sign in and out in the office.  

Request More Information or (870) 356-2667

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