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the PEACE VALLEY experience

Meditation areas

Spread over seventy pristine acres of land, our outdoor facilities offer a variety of possible places to meditate.  Perhaps you will find your special sanctuary space

within the creekside dodecahedron, in the gazebo near the Telos Building,

on a remote bench situated somewhere along the walking trails or

watching the lake from the deck of the main lodge.

The Lake

The spring fed lake is home to many different kinds of fish, frogs and water birds.  The sounds of life from the lake varies from season to season.  During the spring, Canadian geese sometimes join our little mallard duck on the water while taking a break from

their long migration north.  Take a "spin on the lake" in our flat bottomed boat

or in a kayak for an "up close and more personal" experience of the lake.

The Spring Fed Creek

The creek is a microcosm of life behind a privacy fence across the road from the main entrance to the Sanctuary. A dodecahedron, built overlooking the creek, has seating

within to observe this continuously flowing natural water feature that brings fish

to the surface, attracting birds and other animals who feed on them. The water

temperature stays cool in Summer making it a perfect place to wade and

search for treasures there.

The Lodge

The main lodge has undergone many refinements of it's use and purpose.  It is a gathering place for guests attending workshops as well as our dining room where meals

are served.  Upstairs there is a meditation area with access to a small deck

providing views of the lake and the land.  The high cathedral ceilings of the

lodge create a feeling of spaciousness for those who prefer to spend

time in front of our cozy fireplace visiting and listening to music.

The Cabins

The cabins were built to provide more lodging for our events. Constructed from rough

cut timber from the pine trees harvested from the land they add a rustic touch to the Sanctuary.  Eagle's Nest is a larger cabin sleeping four, with three smaller

"cabin studios" each with their own bedroom, bathroom and efficiency kitchen.


Telos Landing

Our former barn was converted into guest rooms in 2010.  With four guest rooms and multiple bathrooms, this building is popular with guests because of the modern,

well-equipped kitchen.  Other shared features include the spacious living area and the most popular feature of all:  a large screened-in porch with views of the pastureland, mountains, and peacocks - a perfect place for lingering over morning coffee. 

The building sits near the Telos Portal where many connect energetically to dear friends.


Ahzahlah - The Oak Tree

 Near the main lodge, in the center of our campus sits the ancient oak tree Ahzahlah!

There is a swing on each side of this Being and a simple altar has been placed

nearby for the offerings some have made to honor the wisdom received from

this remarkable Being.  Some have reported extraordinary experiences

communicating with Ahzahlah including spiritual guidance and insight.

 As you sit in the energy field of Ahzahlah, ask and keep your heart open

to receive what it is that you desire from this remarkable Being.

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