Peace Valley Sanctuary
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Where Your Spirit Comes Home
344 Peace Valley Road
Caddo Gap, Arkansas 71935
  Welcome To Sanctuary

My spiritual contract as the guardian of 
Peace Valley Sanctuary and the 
Earth Keeper Crystal located here began
 in 1992.

The beauty and peacefulness I felt on
 the land was like coming home to myself. 

My vision is to direct the force-field of love at Peace Valley Sanctuary towards promoting universal values such as unity with everyone, living and creating from a love based reality, and empowering all to feel fully validated by celebrating our diversity and creating and manifesting the New Earth. 

Guests are welcome to come alone or in small groups for a personal retreat. We also welcome larger group events that teach and promote healing, self-awareness, mindfulness and self-empowerment by expanding consciousness through classes filled with laughter, love and meaningful interaction.

I hold the focus that by being on this land, everyone experiences an expanded view of themselves as an eternal and unique being in continuous unity with all others and with a renewed sense of coming home to The All That Is.

Susan is also the instructor for the I Am Light Curriculum and meditation practice which provides a diverse framework for in-depth spiritual growth, self mastery and an elevation in consciousness.
To learn more about the Curriculum, please visit
Centered On The Edge

"There is a very real need for safe places where people feel welcomed; where they can share feelings and experiences at a deep, personal level... 

Places where they can feel fully seen and heard and validated.... 

Places where they are able to take the time to really listen to each other, to reflect together, to make sense of the experiences and to reach deeper levels of understanding in their own lives and for the community represented... 

A sense of coming home, of belonging."       
                                                                      ~ Chris Strut

Susan Waters
When we learn to live at the level of the soul,

We see that the best, most luminous part of ourselves

Is connected to all the rhythms of the universe.

We would truly know ourselves as the
Miracle makers we are capable of being.

                                                        Deepak Chopra
Quan Yin greets all visitors who enter the front door of Peace Valley.  

This magnificent sacred Being emanates the energy of unconditional love.  

She is a great goddess and Mother of Compassion, loved and revered throughout Asia, Europe and America.  

We feel blessed to have this magnificent statue of her carved in peach marble for all to enjoy.
Attending a workshop at Peace Valley can be a life changing experience.  

The refined energetics create an ambiance that seems to peel away the illusions of the outer world and allows you to catch a glimpse of your authentic self.  

Peace Valley sponsors workshops on a variety of personal growth and spiritual topics and they often include a crystal bowl meditation in the evening.

  Each crystal bowl is tuned to one of your chakras, and the energetic frequencies of pure sound affects you by opening your awareness into a transcendent state to receive healing from universal rhythms on many levels of your being.
     Our gift shop provides you the experience of discovering a special treasure to take home with you to anchor your experience at Peace Valley.

     There are crystals, sacred images, unusual jewelry, peacock feathers and other exotic and unique items to choose from.
The Peace Valley Group
A World Service Project

In 2004 Susan received guidance that she was to form a group of light workers to meet regularly and work with the consciousness of the Earth Keeper Crystal at Peace Valley.  

She was told that this crystal was energetically connected to a circuit of 12 others that are situated around the planet. Three crystals in this circuit of 13 were seeded eons ago with consciousness that was to assist humanity reach higher consciousness and create the Golden Age of the New Earth.

Since 2004 the core members of the Peace Valley Group have continued to evolve in unifying their collective consciousness,  their shared vision and commitment to harmoniously work to benefit humanity’s transformation. 

The group’s guidance is used along with the collective wisdom and gifts of the individual members to co-create pathways of light and templates of ascension that are placed into the Earth Keeper Crystal at Peace Valley.

The group uses the energetics of the Language of Light expressed as higher order equations to accomplish what they are guided to do. From time to time specific projects of expanding planetary consciousness arise that they are asked to focus on by the Beings of Light.